Pronoun today:


Changes noticed:

My breasts are more prevalent than the last time I wrote (look at today’s photo (which was taken two days ago but w/e, I have CLEAVAGE WHILE NAKED, THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE). I’m feeling emotionally better. I was able to write today and last night instead of doing internet things me and Naia smoked mugwort and read tarot and the world is better because of it.

Money Spent on Transition Expenses:

i mean, I recently spent $15 on estrogen and $21 on spiro, a while ago I bought my first normal bra for $17 at uniqlo, I’ve seen my therapist a couple of times at $70 a pop (I’m really considering getting a new, cheaper one)

# of Times Correctly Gendered + Comments:

Once¬†today explicitely (Naia), but this weekend, I was in Williamstown seeing my parents and they correctly gendered me more often than they didn’t! We’re getting there! They were actually really wonderful and supportive and it’s all getting a lot better.


We smoked mugwort so that our dreams would be vivid, but it didn’t really work. I remember sneaking into a theater to watch a show, but then the lights break, so I have to fix them, and reveal that I’ve snuck in. I remember a giant robot, I remember an industrial loft apartment in Boston that me and N lived in together

People I Talked to Today:

Naia, 2 baristas, a mutual friend at the coffee shop. Seeing SK, and talking to at least one of her roommates by day’s end, and maybe more, as well as J and D, and maybe housemates, but not yet?

People I Actually Communicated With Today:

No one so far, but we’ll see how the day goes.

What Have You Done to Become Better Today?

I woke up and I wrote!!! I made something to be vaguely proud of. I’ve been having such a hard time with this play, and I barreled through a lot of it that I hadn’t solved, and I think it’s okay. I have so much so much work left to do, but I think I’ll be able to get there. Also, I’m seeing SK which makes me happy, and investigating living circumstances

Other Comments:

Naia got accepted to Harvard Divinity School, and is going in the fall. They will be moving to Boston this summer to prepare. I don’t yet know whether I’m following yet. More discussion invariably to come.

Have You Been Saved?

Because of the writing, it almost feels like that.