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Pronoun today: They/them Thoughts on the last few days: Saw my friends from high school all of a sudden. Three of them were in my hometown, by coincidence. They were lovely. We talked. For some reason, I don’t really feel like sharing what we said. But we talked for a couple of hours and then […]

Pronoun today: She/her Thoughts on the day: Naia is returning from New York for the weekend. It’s been a long time since I saw them. I felt sexual excitement in anticipation (masturbated today for the first time in a long time), and when we were alone together. It’s still there, just dormant, taking a long […]

Pronoun today: She/her Thoughts on the day: Oh, my love, my heART, I have abandoned you, I have turned by back on you, and submitted and bowed to other masters of money and fatigue. I have discarded you at a time you were needed most, and I am a spineless and sorrowful creature. I love […]

Pronoun today: They Changes noticed: Nothing new Money Spent on Transition Expenses: 0 # of Times Correctly Gendered + Comments: I’m not sure I was gendered at all. Dream: Forgotten People I Talked to Today: M, J, N, 3 ppl in the performance venue, 3 store attendants People I Actually Communicated With Today: 1 What […]

Pronoun today: They Changes noticed: So I’m feeling happy today. Which I haven’t in a long time, so it’s still possible! Also I can still cry on command, even when I’m happy Money Spent on Transition Expenses: 0 # of Times Correctly Gendered + Comments: The usual by my friends, which I don’t enumerate. Dream: […]

Weight: Who fucking cares Attire: Who fucking cares Resting Heart Rate: Who fucking cares Food and Medicine Intake: Who fucking cares Dream: Who fucking cares # of Times Misgendered + Comments: Who fucking cares # of Suicidal Thoughts + Comments: 4 What Have You Done to Become Better Today? Who fucking cares Other Comments: Who […]

Weight: 144 lbs Attire: doc martens, cat tights, black bra, black dress, corduroy jacket, peacoat Resting Heart Rate: 68 bpm Food and Medicine Intake: Fake chicken patties, nachos, coke, samosas, beer, omelette, milk, 100mg spironolactone Dream: Building a giant tiered garden platform on the roof of the old apartment/the porch of my parents’ house. It […]